Muir Beach Pedestrian Bridge

Name: Muir Beach Pedestrian Bridge
Location: Muir Beach, California
Client: Hanford Applied Restoration & Conservation
Contract value: $183,150
Superintendent: Win Hillebert
Project Manager: Tyler Anderson
Foremen: Laura Bryson, Lance McCulley

18 - 14 inch diameter EDTTEX 50'-0" length

This project involves excavation and grading for lagoon restoration and constructs a 225 foot long by 8 foot wide aluminum and wood pedestrian bridge from the parking lot off Pacific Way to Muir Beach in Marin County, California, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation.

This design-build job specified torque-down displacement type piles, EDTTEX or TUBEX pile types. A 14 inch diameter EDTTEX pile was selected to meet demands. The pile design was challenging due to a deep sand layer, susceptible to liquefaction in a seismic event. High lateral spreading pressures and long unbraced pile length, due to liquefaction, resulted in high demands on the pile structurally and a challenging design.

Challenges encountered in construction of this project included difficult access to the project site along highway 1. CHP escorts were required for mobilization of equipment and materials. Permitting, time limits, and one way roads were a challenge for management.