Bethel Island Road Bridge Replacement

Contract Value: $1,443,100.00
CISS Piles: 44 - 24" x .500" and 24 - 48" x .750"
Class 400 Alt "V" (Pipe Piles): 1 - 14" x .375"

Bethel Island Road Bridge Replacement was a challenging project due to the size of pile, length of pile, and limited access on the project. Like a lot of projects in the San Francisco Bay Area access is limited and presents problems. The Bethel Island Road Bridge is the only bridge on and off of the Island, keeping traffic open was a necessity. The project was broken up into 3 phases and was limited by allowable work times set by fish & game, this made the construction schedule quite demanding. The Bethel Island Road Bridge Replacement consists of 48" x .750" CISS Piles and 24" x .500" CISS Piles. The 48" CISS piles were driven to a nominal resistance of 10,400 kN using a D-138 Pileco Diesel Impact Hammer. The 48" CISS Piling were up to 112" each and in most areas driven full length to various elevations extending 22 feet below water. To drive the piles to the correct elevation below water, we installed and removed a 102" (8.5") temporary casing at each pile location that was located in the water. The casing allowed enough room for the D-138 Hammer to drive piles below water elevation and eliminate the need for a bubble curtain. Dynamic testing specified for piles located in the water (Dutch Slough) also presented a unique challenge. PDA testing was specified to occur below water elevation and would potentially compromise the testing equipment. The temporary casing provided the access needed to perform the PDA testing specified at piles located in the slough. The 24" CISS Piles were driven to a nominal resistance of 1,000 kN using a D-30 Diesel Impact Hammer. One of the difficult tasks was installing the 24" CISS piles in the abutments with narrow access while traffic was left open on the existing bridge. For this project a temporary trestle was also needed to provide access for our 230 ton crawler crane to have access to all of the pile locations in the slough. As mentioned above the navigable water way needed to stay opened over the water (Dutch Slough). With this in mind 2 trestles would need to be installed, 1 from each side of the slough. Foundation Constructors Inc. assisted in installing the Trestles for stage one which consisted of 24" pipe piles, 36 x 230 beams, and 30" crane mats. This project is ongoing and we have completed the 1st of 3 phases overcoming all of the project challenges and ahead of schedule.