Solar Panel Project

Project Name: Solar Panel Project
Job Location: Knights Landing, CA
Client: Conergy Project, Inc.
Contract Value: $89,000.00

The Solar Panel Project presented a new opportunity to showcase the skill, accuracy, and efficiency of Foundation Constructors. For the Solar Panel Project, Foundation Constructors, Inc. was contracted to install 770 total 6 x 20 galvanized beams which would act as the support for a large solar panel field generating significant amounts of clean energy for surrounding areas. The beams were 12' in length and were installed to a depth approximately 9' below grade.

The Solar Project demanded that the piles be installed to the tightest of tolerances in order to accommodate the pre-fabricated solar panels and mounting brackets that were mounted directly to the 6 x 20 galvanized piles. Not only were the vertical and horizontal tolerances critical in nature for this project but the orientation of the piles was equally as important. All tolerances were strictly monitored throughout installation and held to the highest level of scrutiny ensuring that the piles would accommodate the solar panels. All 770 piles were installed on location and without the need for modification of the solar panel prior to installation, a feat not easily achievable. To install the piles to the tolerances required Foundation Constructors chose to utilize a hydraulic ABI rig to install the piling.

The Solar Project was completed within the requirements of the schedule set forth by Conergy Project, Inc. and within the budget established to perform the work. Because of the talent, experience, and attention to detail of the Foundation Constructors team the Solar Panel Project was a success for Foundation Constructors, and our Client - Conergy Project, Inc.