Verizon Wireless

Project Name: Verizon Wireless
Job Location: Fairfield, CA
Client: Rudolph and Sletten
Contract Value: $839,700.00

The Verizon Project consisted of pre-drilling and driving 273 concrete piles each 16" sq. PCPS. The piles were all 60 feet in length and were designed as friction piles. For the Verizon Project there were both fixed and free head pile designs. The fixed head piles had 8 - #8 rebar and 8 - .500" strand extending out the top of the pile to form the pile cap connection. The free head piles had 8 - .500" strand extended only as the lateral and moment loading requirements were less demanding for this pile type. Both fixed head and free head piles were driven to a design capacity of 186 kips. Although there was a large amount of steel extending from the top of the piles to complete the pile cap connection, Foundation Constructors Inc. field personnel managed to pre-drill and drive an average of 19 piles per shift.

The equipment that Foundation Constructors, Inc. utilized for the Verizon Project consisted of the following. The crane was a 175 ton Manitowoc 4000 crawler and had 100 foot of boom with a hammer head boom tip. The crane was outfitted with 140 foot of 32" fixed box leads and a hydraulic spotter. The hammer was a D46-32 diesel impact hammer, with a 10 foot follower attached. The pre-drilling was accomplished with a side mounted hydraulic HPSI drill with 40 ft of auger and a power pack mounted on the rear counter weights.

Pile installation was completed in a total of 21 shifts as of December, 2009. The project was completed on schedule and within all budgeting constraints.