Victoria Canal Intake & Pump Station

Contract Value: $2,523,000
Precast Piles: 140 - 24"sq & 131 - 14"sq
Open Cell Sheets: 904 PS27.5
Cofferdam Sheets: 51 PZ35 Pairs & 31 PZC18 Pairs

Victoria Canal Intake & Pump Station was a phased project utilizing several piling technologies to complete the structure. Out of water dates and time sensitive scheduling required a fast pace, high production pile installation rate and synchronous work with our client. The designers used an Open Cell bulkhead to reduce material cost while retaining capacity. Open Cell designs use flat sheets oriented in such a way that the back fill and sheet tension generate the bulkheads strength. For the Open Cell to generate strength it requires accurate keystone points between cells with very tight positional tolerances to insure proper interaction with soil backfill. A traditional temporary cofferdam was then installed to allow construction of the intake and pump station. Our crane was then mobilized down into the excavation and 140 24"sq PCPS piles with an ultimate design capacity of 265tons were installed for the Intake & Pump Stations foundation. An additional 131 14"sq PCPS piles with an ultimate capacity of 79tons were installed on the project to support overflow tanks and piping. The removal of the temporary cofferdam once the Intake & Pump Station was constructed required reaches of over 110ft to extract the 60ft long PZ35s. Through expeditious coordination with our client and our ability to supply multiple cranes when needed, all out of water dates, and project milestones, such as the flooding of the intake structure, were met and completed under budget.