Antler Bridge Trestle Installation

Project Name: Antler Bridge Trestle Installation
Job Location: Shasta County, CA
Client: Tutor-Saliba Corporation
Contract Value: $352,000.00

Foundation Constructors, Inc. faced numerous challenges while assisting with the trestle installation as designed by Tutor-Saliba Corporation for the I-5 Antler's Bridge Replacement located in Shasta County, CA. Foundation was subject to tight schedules due to nesting eagles and faced a short window of opportunity for which Pile Driving activities could take place. Also, Foundation was faced with completing the trestle pile installation before the rapidly rising waters of Lake Shasta would eventually flood the job-site where equipment was placed to install the trestle.

Aside from tight deadlines Foundation was also tasked with driving 36" diameter pipe piles roughly 10' into the underlying bedrock to a nominal resistance of 980 KIPS in order to support the equipment Tutor-Saliba Corporation would need to construct the first phase of the bridge. In order to achieve the required penetration into the underlying bedrock while still achieving the required nominal resistance, the 36" Trestle Piles were outfitted 1" drive shoes to prevent the pile tips from collapsing due to the driving stresses they would endure during installation. With the consultation and coordination of Abe Engineering Foundation was able to successfully install all Trestle Piles to the required depth into bedrock and achieved the proper capacity with a D-62 Hammer without damaging a single pile.

Foundation was able to install the first stage Trestle Pile in a quick and efficient manor with out any delays and or safety related issues. Tutor-Saliba is still currently hard at work replacing the Antler's Bridge along the scenic stretch of Interstate-5. Foundation is excited to continue with the assist on a successful project in late 2010 when Foundation will be back to install H-Piling for the Abutment Wing Walls and possibly the second phase trestle pile.