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Showcase Projects

    Muir Beach Pedestrian Bridge
Name: Muir Beach Pedestrian Bridge Location: Muir Beach, California Client: Hanford Applied Restoration & Conservation Contract value: $183,150 Superintendent: Win Hillebert Project Manager: Tyler Anderson Foremen: Laura Bryson, Lance McCulley 18 - 14 inch diameter EDTTEX 50'-0" length This project involves excavation and grading for lagoon restoration and constructs a 225 foot long by 8 foot wide aluminum and wood pedestrian bridge from the parking lot off Pacific Way to ..... read more
    Route 80 Willow Avenue Undercrossing
Name: Route 80 Willow Avenue Undercrossing 04-263724 Location: Hercules, California Client: RM Harris Co., Inc. Superintendent: John Honaker Project Manager: Brandon Watson Foreman: Dan Madigral Contract Value: $1,301,000 167 - 14 inch square class 'X' PCPS piles, varying in length from 42 to 69 feet 20 - 14 diameter class 'R' pipe piles, 95 feet in length 6 - 60 diameter pipe piles, varying in length from 75 to 108 feet 4 - 72 diameter permanent CIDH casings ..... read more
    Antler Bridge Trestle Installation
Project Name: Antler Bridge Trestle Installation Job Location: Shasta County, CA Client: Tutor-Saliba Corporation Contract Value: $352,000.00 Foundation Constructors, Inc. faced numerous challenges while assisting with the trestle installation as designed by Tutor-Saliba Corporation for the I-5 Antler's Bridge Replacement located in Shasta County, CA. Foundation was subject to tight schedules due to nesting eagles and faced a short window of opportunity for which Pile Driving ..... read more
    Irvine Ranch Water District - Phase II Expansion
Contract Value $ 6,000,000. This project includes furnish and installation of 2,988 each 14" sq concrete piles for the expansion of the Irvine Ranch Water District's Water Reclamation Plant in Irvine, CA. Once this project is completed, this plant will have the capacity to recycle 28 million gallons of water per day. This is much needed as the Irvine Ranch Water District provides water to the majority of South Orange County. The 14" sq concrete piles are being installed utilizing a hydraulic ..... read more
    Victoria Canal Intake & Pump Station
Contract Value: $2,523,000 Precast Piles: 140 - 24"sq & 131 - 14"sq Open Cell Sheets: 904 PS27.5 Cofferdam Sheets: 51 PZ35 Pairs & 31 PZC18 Pairs Victoria Canal Intake & Pump Station was a phased project utilizing several piling technologies to complete the structure. Out of water dates and time sensitive scheduling required a fast pace, high production pile installation rate and synchronous work with our client. The designers used an Open Cell bulkhead to reduce material cost while ..... read more
    Bay Trail Pedestrian Bridge
Name: Bay Trail Pedestrian Bridge Location: South San Francisco Client: Interstate Grading and Paving Contract value: $161,000 The project was to build a bridge across a canal in a sensitive coastal area with noise sensitive neighbors, tight access, unregulated construction debris and soft Bay Mud. This bridge provides coastal access for the public. The solution was our soil displacement Tubex piles installed with our smallest low overhead machine. The site was built with ..... read more
    Solar Panel Project
Project Name: Solar Panel Project Job Location: Knights Landing, CA Client: Conergy Project, Inc. Contract Value: $89,000.00 The Solar Panel Project presented a new opportunity to showcase the skill, accuracy, and efficiency of Foundation Constructors. For the Solar Panel Project, Foundation Constructors, Inc. was contracted to install 770 total 6 x 20 galvanized beams which would act as the support for a large solar panel field generating significant amounts of clean energy for ..... read more
    Verizon Wireless
Project Name: Verizon Wireless Job Location: Fairfield, CA Client: Rudolph and Sletten Contract Value: $839,700.00 The Verizon Project consisted of pre-drilling and driving 273 concrete piles each 16" sq. PCPS. The piles were all 60 feet in length and were designed as friction piles. For the Verizon Project there were both fixed and free head pile designs. The fixed head piles had 8 - #8 rebar and 8 - .500" strand extending out the top of the pile to form the pile cap ..... read more
    Praxair Richmond Hydrogen Plant
Contract Value: $12,229,409.00 Precast Piles: 14" and 16" sq. PCPS piles The Praxair Project consisted of pre-drilling and driving 1,857 concrete piles. 16" sq. PCPS piles and 14" sq. PCPS piles were installed in varying in lengths and capacities ranging between 65' to 95' and 340 to 464 kip ultimate capacities. The 14" piles were designed as an end bearing pile and as such were cast with a 5' HP 12 x 84 Stinger at the pile tip designed to penetrate the underlying bedrock. All 16" ..... read more
    Bethel Island Road Bridge Replacement
Contract Value: $1,443,100.00 CISS Piles: 44 - 24" x .500" and 24 - 48" x .750" Class 400 Alt "V" (Pipe Piles): 1 - 14" x .375" Bethel Island Road Bridge Replacement was a challenging project due to the size of pile, length of pile, and limited access on the project. Like a lot of projects in the San Francisco Bay Area access is limited and presents problems. The Bethel Island Road Bridge is the only bridge on and off of the Island, keeping traffic open was a necessity. The project ..... read more