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Rapid Load Testing

Rapid load tester 

The Rapid Load Tester is a cost saving, mobile, track-mounted pile tester producing results comparable to conventional static load testing with the added capability of testing multiple piles daily. The RLT is currently able to test up to loads of 700kips ultimate capacity. Fully compliant with ASTM D7383, the RLT uses a 25 metric ton drop mass to produce a load on the pile while large dampening springs prolong the load over a time period. This force pulse is measured using a physical load cell calibrated to 1,000kips. Pile movement is recorded using a high speed digital camera and two LED’s mounted to the pile head. Additionally, two accelerometers are mounted to the pile for supplemental movement data. The combination of these 21st century technologies allows for instantaneous data results, incremental loading, exporting data to the latest geotechnical software, as well as a closed loop control system for test automation. These features coupled with the machines ability to test any pile type, be the sole equipment required on-site, and its cost effective testing of multiple piles in a day create a package that will benefit any testing program.

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