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Foundation Constructors, Inc.
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Research and Development

Research and development is the core of Foundation’s specialty pile program. Foundation has for decades maintained a test pile area at our Northern California facility to test the merit of prototype pile material, pile tips, pile mandrels, installation methods, and pile equipment. Our objective is to provide our clients the broadest range of specialty piles in the industry along with the experience and equipment to meet their project goals.
To aid in your consideration of specific pile types we have included our latest Corporate Pile Load Test Program. The Pile Test Program includes monitoring data for noise and vibration recorded during installation of various pile types. It is our intent to platform various pile types and load testing techniques for your use. In many cases our specialty piles are considered “problem solvers” in that they are considered noiseless and vibration free during installation. We encourage you to revisit this site as we are adding additional data as it becomes available.