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Diesel Impact

Diesel hammers used to drive pile have been around for over 50 years. Diesel impact hammers deliver more force per square inch relative to hammer weight than other pile driving device.  .  Diesel hammers can be used with almost any soil mechanics without compromising effectiveness.
Over the years diesel hammers have evolved into very efficient clean burning machines with much less noise than their older counterparts.  They are not, however, the hammer of choice for low overhead situations or ultra-sensitive urban job sites without sound attenuation.  The diesel hammer is activated by raising an internal ram or piston typically using a crane and dropping the ram using a quick release.  Utilizing the joint forces of gravity and diesel combustion the diesel hammer provides very efficient energy.  This process meets the needs of dense or hard soil but requires significant overhead clearance to allow the hammer to be positioned atop a pile to initiate driving.   Although experienced contractors can customize or adapt equipment for tighter spaces, significant overhead clearance is required for the hammer to operate.
Newer methods of installation for driven or cast-in-place piles can provide solutions where overhead space is at a premium or in environmentally sensitive areas.  Despite these new technologies the diesel hammer remains the work horse of most jobs requiring driven piles. Finding the right piling solution for a project is reliant on the contractor's knowledge of pile  equipment, his understanding of the site specific soil mechanics and composition, project management, and experience with customization techniques if standard equipment is deemed inadequate. At Foundation Constructors, Inc., we use an evaluation process that helps us help our clients choose the right pile installation method. And, many times the right method includes a diesel hammer.